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Burst Pipe Services in Arlington, Plano, Garland, Frisco and the Entire Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

Pipe burst can brought upon a major flooding disaster to your house if it is not handled properly. Lots of water will be leaking from the pipe causing your utility bill to raise. To avoid wasting money, you need to take a few steps to reduce the water flowing from the burst pipe temporarily.

1. Close Main Water Valve
First, you need to stop the water flow on the pipe that is leaking. To do this, you should locate the water shut off valve which is usually outside of the house or basement or attic. After the valve is shut off, you can open the faucet to let out the remaining water in the pipes. Doing so can eliminate the pressure and freezing in the pipe.

The cold taps should be drained first such as flushing the toilets. After the cold taps have been drained, you can turn off your hot taps such as water boiler. It may also be necessary to shut off the electricity if the water drips in places that are near to the electrical socket.

2. Let in Some Warm Air
You should open up the cabinet doors and let in some warm air if the pipe burst is caused by frozen water that is developed from the cold weather. To raise the temperature, you can turn on the heater and increase the thermostat. Some people have also face the hair dryer towards the pipe that is damaged.

3. Look for Water Damage Signs
Next, you should look for signs of water damage which leads to the pipe leaking. Often, water will be dripping on these areas creating water stains on the ceiling. You can put buckets beneat to catch the dripping water. By looking for the burst pipe looking, you will be able to temporarily fix it by placing a patch. Damage in the main water pipe should be dealt with properly regardless of the size of the leak. Mopping up the water that drips on the floor can prevent mold growth.

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4. Call a Licensed Plumber in the Neighborhood
Finally, you should call your nearest plumber to fix the burst pipe. The cost of the burst pipe repair varies depending on the location, damage extent, and whether the repair is carried out after service hours. Hiring a licensed plumber will ensure the burst pipe is fixed efficiently. If you hire a part time handyman, chances are the pipe will leak again and you will have to waste money on repair again.

5. Take a Few Preventative Steps
You can take some preventative steps to reduce the chances of burst pipe in the future. Insulation can be installed in the rooms to prevent the temperature from going below freezing points during the winter. You can also get pipe sleeves or wrap heat tap for pipes that are subjected to freezing temperature.