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Many people do not care about the maintenance of their residences’ drains. They don’t schedule for plumbers to check their drains regularly. They only find out about the drain clog when they start seeing signs in their bathroom and kitchen. The following are the 3 benefits of a professional drain cleaning service.

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1. Eliminate Bad Odor
Professional drain cleaning will eliminate all the bad odor caused by the organic elements and keep your family in good health. If the drain is not cleaned, you will be able to smell the odor from your sinkhole when you are washing your dishes or taking a shower in the bathroom. Organic substances release a bad smell as the bacteria eats them and it decomposes.

Therefore, when you breathe in a bad smell, you are breathing in bacteria and mold which is no good for your health. Bacteria and mold can cause various types of illnesses. A stubborn clog cannot be removed by manual plunging. Using the counter chemical to break up the clog can bring hazardous consequences to the environment.

Lower the Risk of Clogging
Professional drain cleaning can reduce the chances of clogging in your plumbing system. Small clogs are annoying and you will start to hear your family members and guests complaining about them. Large clogs can lead to bigger problems like pipe leaking and increase your cost of fixing it. Hiring a plumber is the best way to fix it immediately as it can take time to use chemicals to break down the clogs.

A professional plumber knows how to clean the drain the proper way so that your sink and toilet will not overflow anymore. If you decide to save money and use a manual plunger, the problem can resurface again shortly and can get even worse this time. Hiring a plumber will settle the clogging problem once and

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for all and not bother your family anymore.

Protect Flooring from Damage
Many people think that hiring a plumber to inspect and clean the drain from clogs will cost them a lot of money. However, it is in turn the opposite. You save money if you hire a plumber to perform drain cleaning service because a drain that is not cleaned promptly will produce a lot of negative consequences. The cost is only minimal if the plumber comes for cleaning the clogs.

It could cost more if the drain clogging causes wastewater to overflow on your flooring and damage it. Mold will grow on the flooring and wallpaper will erode. It costs money to replace them so it is wise to hire a professional drain cleaning service from time to time to service your drain. This ensures that your flooring and walls last for a long time without having to spend money on replacement.