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A clogged drain is a common issue to happen in the household. When you are washing your dishes, bits of food will be flushed down the sinkhole. Flushing toilet paper and other solid items into the toilet can also contribute to the clogging of your drain. When the drain is clogged, the water will back up in the sink and toilet. It is important to quickly hire a plumber to attend to the problem to prevent bacteria from breeding in the drain.

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Usually, for a simple clogging, a plumber will use a manual drain snake to clear the drain. The plumber would feed the drain snake into and twist it to grab onto the substances. Manual drain snake has a hook at the end for grabbing onto the materials such as hair, and solid food substances. However, it is not ideal for grabbing into slippery substances. The manual drain snake is suitable for cleaning clogs that are up to 25 – 50 foot in distance. Larger clogs will require the plumber to use a motorized drain snake. The motorized drain snake is inserted via a sewer cleanout port that is located on the exterior of the house.

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It could be that you have a complete drain blockage if clogging problem did not solve after using a motorized drain snake. In this case, the plumber will have to insert a sewer line camera into the drain to carry out an inspection on the pipe structure. The plumber can detect the whereabout of the clog and what substances the blogging is made of by looking at the camera footage. After that, the best tools will be determined to eliminate the clogging problem. If the entire line is completely blocked, it is necessary to carry out mechanical rooting to reestablish the flow.


Thorough cleaning of the drain not only requires snaking but also the cleaning of its wall through a hydro jetting machine. In hydro jetting, the plumber will use a high-pressure host to flush the drain line. The pressure of the water from the hose can reach up to 60K psi. There are also different sizes of nozzles from 1.5″ – 8″ in diameter to clean drain pipes with different diameters. With hydrojetting, there is no need to dig up the ground to clear the drain pipes that are buried underground.


Hydrojetting is suitable for clearing up stubborn clogs that cannot be removed with a plumbing snake such as tree roots or major sludge that has accumulated into the drain. It is best to let a professional plumber perform the jetting to prevent the plumbing structures from having any damage. After the sewer line is cleaned, the plumber will perform a quality inspection again on the drainpipe to ensure that all the build-ups have been thoroughly eliminated.