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Many homes in the USA use natural gas in their daily routines. It is used for heating and cooling, lighting the fireplace, and gas cooking stoves. If you use gas at home, you must make sure that it is not leaking in any way. When too much gas leaks from the cylinder, it can become a dangerous hazard to the people that are breathing the air in the same house. For this reason, you must always be alert and check to make sure that there is no gas leak in the house.

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When the gas is leaking, there will be a smell of gas in the atmosphere. The gas may have a heavy odor like that of rotten eggs or garbage. It can make you feel faint and dizzy especially when there is a large amount of it in the air. Sometimes, you will be able to hear a hissing sound, which is an indication that the gas is leaking somewhere in the house. It could be caused by a crack in the refrigerant line of your air conditioner. You should be able to trace the hissing sound to the appliance and turn it off.

Leaking gas can also cause the plants to die or discoloration on the leaves. If your house has plants, you will be able to notice the droopy leaves like it is going to die. Usually, the symptom is accompanied with the smell of gas in the nearby area of the plants. Chances are your home is having a gas leak if you notice a higher gas bill than the previous year.

When the gas is escaping slowly, it is very hard to catch the smell or hear the hissing sound. The only way to find out gas leak, in this case, is the higher gas bill. On the other hand, you also want to take into consideration that having additional appliances or people in the household can contribute to a higher gas bill.

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The first thing you should do when you notice a gas leak is to leave the house. Some of the things you should not do in the area of the leak are don’t use a cell phone, don’t smoke cigarette, and don’t start a vehicle. Gas companies only fix leaks that occur on their meter so homeowners should be hiring their own plumbers if they want the fix leaks on their side of the meter.

Usually, the plumber will ask you questions about the leaks before conducting a test. The plumber may inspect the lines that run along the wall and dig the soil to inspect lines underground. The plumber will quote you a price for the repair after locating the gas leak.