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Leaking can occur in just about anywhere in the plumbing structure. Sometimes, these leaking spots are not visible to the eyes. They are hidden behind walls or under the floor. If pipe leaking occurs, you will notice that there is an unexpected spike on the utility bill. To avoid paying unnecessary utility bills, you will have to hire a plumber to detect and repair the leaking in the hidden area.

When you hire a plumber, the first thing he will do is to take a walk around your home to look for water damage signs which are indications of a possible leak. The plumber will investigate your appliances and check the cabinets in the kitchen. Signs of water leaking are puddles around the bathtub and water heater. He will also check the water meter to find out how much water is used.

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The plumber can use various water leak detectors to detect leaks that are not visible. The water leak detector is important as it helps the plumber to figure out the exact location of the leak. If the plumber does not know where the leaking occurs, he will have to break the wall in random areas to find out the leaking. Using a water leak detector to carry out the leak detection will enable you to avoid the problem.

The first method is to mount a small camera on fiber optic cables and insert it into the faucets to detect leaks along the pipes. The footage will allow the plumber to find out the condition inside the pipe and explain to the homeowner how the leak can be repaired.

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The second method is to use a listening disc to pinpoint water leaks location. Listening discs allow the plumber to detect leaking that occurs inside the drywall, and cabinets. It amplifies the leaking sound onto the headphone. It allows the skilled technician to hear the passage of the water through the pipes and locate the whereabouts of the leaking.

Thermal imaging cameras can also be used to detect leaks on the wall. It shows temperature differences along the wall. Low temperature means cool and may indicate that there is water pooling. If the leaking occurs under the ground, the plumber can use a soil probe to detect it. Soil probe allows the plumber to listen for pressure leaks through grass and rocks. The plumber will be able to locate the leak as the sound increases.

Not all leaks occur on the surface so it is necessary to schedule a plumber to make a routine checks on your plumbing fixtures regularly. You should look for a plumber that is in your surrounding area to fix the water leak. Fixing water leaks promptly will help you to save at least 10% of your utility bill.