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Many homeowners aren’t aware that they have the responsibility to clean the property drainage in front of their houses. They thought that the city service will send people to do the cleaning. The city service is only responsible for the drainage that leads from a shared street. That is why it is important to schedule a storm drain cleaning service with a plumber at least once a year. The plumber is equipped with the equipment and tools to reach the clogs that you can’t reach.

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Storm drain cleaning should be part of your home maintenance. If the drain is not cleaned properly, it can impose damage to your home. If the drain is clogged, the water will back up onto your yard and the foundation. As a result, you will have to spend thousands of dollars to fix the damage. Storm drain that is clogged can lead to problems such as basement flooding, roof damage, and mold damage.

Storm drain can become clogged with twigs, leaves, and other debris from the street over time. When it is clogged, the water will overflow and cause problems to your house structure. The best time to clean the gutter is in the spring and late fall. Proper maintenance involves removing all kinds of trash as well as the vegetation that is clogging the drain. There should be no structures that is obstructing the drainage area. After a storm, lots of leaves and other debris will accumulate near the storm drain on your house property. You will have to rake them away after storms.

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It is time to hire a plumber to perform storm drain maintenance if you notice that there is pooling in your yard. Hiring a licensed and insured plumber will ensure that the storm drain cleaning service is carried out efficiently. A handyman or uncertified plumber may charge you lesser but they will end up botching the job. The shoddy effects will be seen soon and you will have to hire other professionals to fix it.

The plumber can carry out a full inspection of the sewer system and determine what they can do to fix the problem. They can use the camera to explore the sewer and identify the type of clogs in the drain. After that, they can also use high pressure jetting to clean the sewer and wall. Sometimes, the clogs are caused by broken storm pipes. The broken storm pipe is a result of normal wear and tear. There may be trees nearby and their roots have gone under into the pipes causing cracks in them. The damage of broken storm pipes is often not visible so it is necessary to hire a plumber to carry out an investigation.