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Water Heater Repair Services in Arlington, Plano, Garland, Frisco and the Entire Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

Water heater leaks can develop into a more serious problems so you need to take action to get it repaired immediately. You can either repair it and continue using the same unit or replace it with a new water heater. Hiring a professional plumber is recommended regardless if your need to repair or replace your water heater. A professional plumber is trained to handle all kinds of issues on electric and gas water heaters.

Usually, the plumber will first attempt to reset the water heater and see if it work again. If not, he will open up the unit and check if there is any malfunctioning parts. After that, he will use specialized tools to fix them. Parts that are used frequently often become damaged faster. The thermostat is one example. When the thermostat is frequently used, it will need to get tuned and sync with the system. The plumber can also help with reinstalling the thermostat if it is not installed properly.

The piping is another component that gets used often and becomes worn out. When the piping is worn out, it will be prone to leaking. Most units have a life span of around 6 – 10 years. You can increase its lifespan through the application of a water softener and taking care of the small issues to arise throughout the use. You can find out how old your water heater is by doing research on the serial number printed in the label of the unit. Usually, the first two digits of the serial refer to the year, for example, 09 means 2009.

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You should stop using your water heater temporarily when it is leaking. If it is leaking and you continue using it, the problem will be aggravated and you’ll need to spend more money to fix it. More sediments can be build up if you continue to use it causing the pipe and tank to crack and rust faster. If the tank is rusty, chances are you will find rust in the water. There is a coating that develops at the bottom of the glass accompanied by the sign of rusty water from the water heater. When there is sediment build-up, you will hear a lot of noises causing annoyance when you are using it.

The leaking water heater should be fixed immediately especially if your family members use it every day. Because it is leaking, you will experience a hot water shortage problem which can intervene with the daily routine. It is recommended that you flush the hot water heater regularly to prevent the problem from happening. It is time to get a plumber if you notice a small leak. Small leaks can quickly develop into a big leak which requires replacement of the entire unit.